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Bus Station Burm Hero Asset for Seaside Punks

Bus Station Burm Prop Idea for Seaside Punks along with some other Burm Props and a Hero Asset Slide. You sometimes will find sneakers hanging in Seaside Punks as the kids will put them up each time a punk goes pro and leaves their home town. The most famous of all Punks is Shin.

This project is something I wanted to make for a while and was inspired by my love of old video games, namely: Mario Kart, SSX, Tony Hawk and Jet Set Radio. I was heavily inspired by Tekkonkinkreet as well and perhaps the nostalgia that comes from moving to a new city for work! Stay tuned for full enviros, lots of traditional sketches, VR models, painting and some characters. I’ll also be releasing an art book that already has been worked out with a publisher hopefully very soon. Thanks for looking!

Daniel fadness bus station painting4
Daniel fadness bus station painting5
Daniel fadness daniel fadness burms 1